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Learn how an international oil and gas producer commissioned a comprehensive white paper

White Paper on Foreign Direct Investment in Oil & Gas

While an MBA student at Cornell University, a large international oil and gas producer commissioned my team to write a white paper on the state of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the oil and gas sector in their country.

With the help of five other professionals (two engineers, a project manager, an accountant, and a corporate executive) we completed the white paper in six months. Between the six members of our team, we visited three countries, attended industry conferences, consulted with professionals in various industries, and studied the fundamentals of the oil & gas industry.

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My Contribution

My contribution to the project consisted largely of an analysis of the national and international legal regime governing oil and gas in the nation in question.

In addition to that, I traveled to the headquarters of a major oil concern in Europe to conduct independent research for the white paper.

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