Independent Publisher case study

Learn how an independent publisher doubled their inbound leads in just three months.

Ghostwritten blogs for independent publisher

An independent publisher reached out to me for ideas to increase their visibility on the web. They desired more inbound leads and, ultimately, clients. I suggested ghostwritten* articles under the company’s name to burnish their perceived credibility, improve SEO, and increase their visitors.

Within three months of SEO-optimized blog posts, we had increased the publisher’s number of inbound leads by 114% compared to the same period last year.

*Ghostwriting is the practice of anonymously writing on behalf of a client. In these arrangements I do not disclose either the identity of my clients or the existence of a business relationship with them.


New Clients

Blog Posts


Inbound Leads

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My Contribution

My contribution to the client’s business was very straightforward in this case. I received topics chosen by the client and wrote 1000-word articles 1-2 times per week, every week.

The regular content schedule, SEO, and quality of the material dramatically increased readership of the client’s blog. I never missed a deadline or came in over-budget.

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