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I’m Steven Toews, JD, MBA.

Writer. Lawyer. Entrepreneur.

Writer. Lawyer. Entrepreneur.

I’m a skilled copy and content writer, drawing on years of professional and academic experience in law and business.

I excel at delivering stellar, client-focused service to businesses and sole proprietors of all sorts. I’m especially good at writing on the subjects of:

Law Finance
Business Tech


My legal experience, Ivy-League business education, and writing ability combine to provide a singular resource for any clients seeking to improve their business’ communication with the public or grow their firm.


University of Manitoba


Major: Philosophy


University of Manitoba

Robson Hall Law School


Focus: Criminal Law

Queen’s University (Smith School of Business)

Cornell University (SC Johnson School of Management)


Work Experience

Manitoba Justice

2012-2015, 2017-2018

Crown Attorney 

Steven C. Toews Law Corp.


Defence Attorney, Entrepreneur

Alberta Justice


Crown Attorney

Personal Life

I lead a charmed life. I’m a son to two wonderful parents, an uncle to a super-cool nephew, a brother to an awesome sister, and a brother-in-law to my sister’s fantastic husband. I’m lucky enough to be a friend to many A+ folks I’ve met over the years.

I’ve been married to the woman of my dreams for almost two years. We share our home with an incredibly derpy dog named Roz. Did I mention that our home is in lovely Bermuda?



Chief Canine Officer

This is Roz. Roz is allergic to everything and scared of:

  • Water
  • Frogs
  • Sound
  • Anything with a shadow

But she’s the sweetest and most adorable dog you ever did see.

Rebeca and Me


Given a thousand lifetimes, I would remain unable to capture in words this woman’s strength and beauty.


In January of 2019 Rebeca took a job at a cancer centre in Bermuda (she’s a boss x-ray technologist who performs mammograms). So we moved from Alberta, Canada to this paradisical subtropical island. 

Bermuda at Night
Sound Sunset
Bermuda Palm Tree
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