Working professionals are some of the best content writers out there. With their combination of work experience, advanced education, and in-depth subject knowledge, professionals make excellent candidates for a wide range of content writing gigs. From writing copy to drafting whitepapers, content writing for professionals has never been more popular.

While virtually all professionals are well-suited to become content writers, there are a few professions in particular that lend themselves very well to the content writing side hustle. We’ll go over a few of those in this article. Read on!

Content Writing for Teachers/Professors

Teachers and professors are in high demand in the content writing world. Not only do they do well when writing about the field of education, their experience with formal English training generally provides them with excellent technical skills and writing ability.

Professors and teachers should look out for clients who would particularly benefit from hiring an academic, including those hiring for:

  • Academic professional content writing
  • Academic editing (including thesis proofreading and editing)
  • Private education, edutainment, and education-technology companies
  • Any work in the teacher’s field of expertise

In particular, there’s been an explosion in the popularity of education-related apps and remote education software. Most of these companies utilize blogs, email lists, ads, and a wide variety of other written material that requires a competent writer.

Content Writing for Lawyers

content writing for professionals

Lawyers are excellent candidates to become professional content writers. They’re normally experts in the use of written English and have extensive formal education. The subject matter knowledge they possess runs the gamut from criminal justice to corporate mergers.

Lawyers should keep an eye out for content writing clients who would benefit from having a legal professional write crisp, formal-ish prose. These are often clients in the business, legal, and finance arenas seeking to beef up their web content to draw in traffic. Clients could include:

  • Law firms
  • Small businesses and consultants
  • Investment and real estate firms

In my experience, these are the types of clients I’ve tended to land when emphasizing my legal background. Your mileage may vary.

Content Writing for Doctors/Nurses/Medical Techs

Medical professionals are currently highly sought-after in the content writing field. And the more credentials and experience, the better. A quick search on Upwork for “medical writing” reveals a whole host of available jobs at the time of this writing.

While some in the field have difficulty getting the hang of professional writing, their substantial formal education always serves them very well when they’re brushing up on their English.

Medical professionals, particularly medical doctors, are well-advised to pursue leads that involve:

  • Medical practice websites and blogs (particularly cosmetic surgery practices)
  • Health and fitness-related blogs
  • Food and diet-related blogs

Writing gigs for cosmetic surgery practices in the United States are particularly lucrative. The clients are usually significantly wealthy and the field relies heavily on digital and other forms of marketing to bring in patients.

Content Writing for Marketing Professionals

content writing for professionals

Including this category constitutes a bit of cheating on my part. A huge part of what many marketing professionals do includes content writing. Whether it’s ad copy or blog posts, a lot of these folks wouldn’t really consider content writing to be a “side job.”

That being said, not everyone in marketing is an inbound content marketer. There are many in the field who will never touch a blog during the course of an average day. Nevertheless, the information these guys and ladies hold is invaluable for clients in the market for content writers.

Marketing professionals who are interested in content writing should focus their search for the perfect client on industries including:

  • Business-to-business (B2B) marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing consultancies

Final Thoughts

As we discussed in the “best side jobs for professionals” article a while back, virtually any educated professional is an ideal candidate for content writing. By relying on their combination of education, experience, and English abilities, they can bring huge value to most of the clients seeking professional content writing today.

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