Law firm advertising ideas are a dime a dozen. You can plaster billboards all over your neighborhood. Put your face on a bus bench. Buy Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or old-fashioned newspaper ads. What about a TV spot? Flyers on a traffic light?


The problem with haphazardly engaging in any of the aforementioned strategies can be summed up in a word: overexposure. The average consumer sees approximately 4000 to 10000 ads per day. So why would your law firm’s advertising register with the typical passerby? It wouldn’t.


Despite the deluge of advertisements, law firm-related or otherwise, blanketing every potential client’s world, there remains a way to break through the noise.

Become an authority in the subject area you intend to target.

You might be saying that you already are an authority. Regardless of your legal specialization, you’ve got your undergraduate and law degrees. You successfully completed articles and passed the Bar in one or more states. And you’ve got X years of experience in active practice. What more do you need?

Truth be told, the average would-be client cares not one whit about any of that. As far as your next client is concerned, she doesn’t know you from Adam. And why should she? You’ve never done anything for her.

You may be objecting again at this point. How could you have been expected to do anything for her before she’s engaged your services?

Law Firm Advertising: Forming Relationships

You provide value to your would-be clients by forming relationships with them prior to the eventual engagement. That’s where content marketing comes in.

The most effective form of law firm advertising, content marketing consists of providing content to your demographic in order to build a relationship with its members before they even know they want your services.

Providing content to your audience in the form of valuable advice, documents, entertainment and information allows you to put yourself in the position of a value provider.

By the time the audience member realizes they have a need for your services, you’ve already demonstrated that you can provide them with value. At that point, it’s just a matter of time until they reach out to you.

Adding Value to Your Law Firm’s Advertising

The topics of finding the right audiences to target, the form of your content (blogging, image-based content, etc.), and the types of content to provide are all expansive enough to form the basis of their own blog posts.


(And they will. Hit “Follow” at the bottom of this post to make sure you don’t miss out!)

But without putting too fine a point on it, content has value if it solves the problems of your audience. For example, for a family law blog, your audience might be married couples with children.

So consider what kind of problems these couples might have. Maybe they would like a fillable form they can stick on the fridge to divvy up the chores. Maybe they’d like some tips on how to get their kids to go to bed on time.

You might be saying, what does this have to do with family law? Divorce, custody, and support payments are my bread and butter! Shouldn’t I focus on that?

There’s nothing wrong with providing content like that. In fact, you should. But it shouldn’t be all there is on your site. The typical couple (the kind of people who may become your clients one day) aren’t purely interested in things like child support payments.

Consider who your intended audience is, determine where you want to catch them in their journey, and develop content for that. Usually you want to hook them before they need your services. That way, by the time they need you, you’ve developed a relationship with them and already provided value.

So, if you’re a wills and estates practitioner, create content on elder care. If you’re a small business commercial lawyer, host content about entrepreneurship.

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