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A Little About Me

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I suppose I’ll introduce myself first. I’m a Cornell-educated MBA and experienced criminal prosecutor and defense attorney. I spent the first part of my legal career in northern Manitoba, Canada, prosecuting and defending all manner of offenses, from professional misconduct to 2nd-degree murder.

After moving to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and joining the Ministry of Justice in that province, I began studying for my MBA in the EMBA Americas program at Cornell and Queen’s Universities.

In the midst of my studies, my wife Rebeca received a job opportunity in Bermuda. She’s a mammographer and x-ray technologist and she was invited to join the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre. So, after completing my contract with Alberta Justice my wife and I moved to Bermuda.


Rebeca and I have come to love Bermuda in the one year that we’ve been here. So much so that I’ve had no issue with putting my legal career on hold and transitioning into freelance writing.

I was lucky enough to be allowed by Cornell and Queen’s to continue my studies from Bermuda and I successfully completed my coursework in December of 2019. I graduate in May of 2020 with two MBAs!

What to Expect

I’ll endeavor to post at least once per week on topics of interest to attorneys, other professionals, and people who run websites and blogs for professional firms. You can expect to see a lot of content on:

  • How intelligent blogging and content creation can create opportunities for your firm
  • How to choose topics that will be of interest to your readers
  • What a professional website should offer its visitors
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and how it brings visitors to your site

Of course, that won’t be all I post about. But the foregoing list should give you some idea of the kind of content you can expect to find here.

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