Whether you just started your law firm’s website or you’ve had it going for a while you may have noticed something: it’s not getting results. Freelance legal writers can turn lackluster websites into star performers. Continue reading below to learn how.

Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Website

Lawyers don’t typically put up websites as vanity projects. Usually, you want them to do something particular. Maybe that’s generate interest in your firm. Maybe it’s to create brand awareness. Or maybe you want to manufacture solid leads for future business.

No Traffic

Whatever it is you wish to do with your site, you’ll need people to visit it. A significant lack of regular traffic is the primary symptom of an underperforming website. It’s an obvious one, yes, but it’s also vitally important.

You need to keep in mind that you’ll usually only convert a fraction of the people who visit your site. So you need a significant number of eyeballs on your page to have a chance at turning someone into a new client.

A subset of this problem is a lack of repeat traffic. Ideally, people who come to your site will come back. How often you need them to come back will depend on your line of work. A criminal defense firm might need people to visit two or three times in order to get them to provide an email address. A corporate-commercial firm might want their regulars to continually come back to stay engaged with the firm.

What you don’t want is one-time visitors with a high bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who visit one page and then leave without clicking anything.) If that happens, you might need one or two freelance legal writers.

No Engagement

If the people who come to your site don’t interact with it in any meaningful way you’ve got a problem. Engagement can come in different forms. It might consist of visitors supplying an email address by subscribing to content, downloading a free guide, or commenting on an article.

A total lack of active engagement on your site is a sign that you’re dealing with dysfunction that freelance legal writers might be able to assist with.

No Conversion

Even if people are visiting and engaging with your site, it doesn’t do you much good if you’re not converting any new clients. This is really the million-dollar question. Is your website bringing in new business for the firm?

How Freelance Legal Writers Can Help

Freelance legal writers (like me!) can help you solve all three of the above-noted problems: lack of traffic, lack of engagement, and a lack of conversion.

Generating Traffic

A lack of traffic is usually a search engine optimization or search engine marketing problem. Whatever else you’re doing, people aren’t able to find your material on Google and, therefore, can’t visit your website.

The solution lies with effectively written content that takes advantage of strategically-placed keywords. For example, you may have noticed that this article contains the phrase “freelance legal writers” in multiple places. That’s because this article is optimized for that phrase and, hopefully, when someone searches for it on Google, this page will come up.

Of course, it’s not that simple. In order to generate a lot of traffic you’ll need to accomplish a number of other things, including:

  • Amassing “backlinks,” or links back to your own site from other sites
  • Strategic use of paid search engine marketing
  • Strategic use of paid and organic social media

Freelance legal writers can help you with these strategies and increase the number of people visiting your site on a regular basis.

Generating Engagement by Using Freelance Legal Writers

Generating engagement is all about accessibility. Lawyers often forget that most people are not lawyers. They’re not interested in legal jargon. They don’t want complex sentences and paragraphs. They want easily readable and digestible content that can help them with their immediate problems.

Freelance legal writers have experience in writing for the layman. They also have access to tools, like the Flesch Reading Ease test that can help determine how complex a piece of prose is.

Simplifying your language and dressing it up with appropriate imagery can do wonders for your engagement levels.

Generating Conversions

Most important of all, freelance legal writers can generate conversions. We do this in a number of different ways:

  • Compelling web copy
  • Obvious and repeated Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Taking advantage of well-crafted sales funnels

There’s obviously more than that, but the gist is that freelance legal writers take advantage of their experience with creating commercially-driven content to enhance the likelihood that a reader will become a client.

Lawyers are used to writing argumentative and technical material designed to convince a skeptical judge that their position is the correct one. That’s not the same skillset as creating persuasive sales copy.

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